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Evidence Picture Used By A Dallas Sideswipe Accident LawyerSideswipe car accidents occur more often than you’d think, causing significant vehicle damage and unexpected medical expenses. Getting injured in a side-swipe accident can be overwhelming, leaving you with questions and concerns about your next steps.

If you were injured in a sideswipe collision, remember that you can turn to Allbee Law Firm for legal representation. Our Dallas sideswipe accident lawyers are experts in handling sideswipe car accident cases, ensuring you get the support, guidance, and compensation you rightfully deserve.

When a sideswipe accident occurs, you don’t have to face them alone. Contact us today at (972) 848-4848 to get the help you deserve.

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What Should I Do After A Sideswipe Accident?

After a sideswipe accident, following specific steps to protect your rights and well-being is important. Here are some of the vital steps:

Stay At The Scene Of The Accident

After a side-swipe accident, it’s essential to remain at the accident location. Leaving can result in legal consequences. Plus, staying at the scene allows you to assess everyone’s well-being, exchange necessary information, and provide an accurate account to law enforcement.

Ensure Safety First

If the accident is minor and vehicles are obstructing traffic, move them to a safer location and turn on your hazard lights. Prioritize checking on everyone involved for potential injuries.

Call 9-1-1

Reporting the accident is crucial, even if it appears minor. A police report serves as an official record, which is beneficial for car accident claims and possible legal actions. If there are any personal injuries, it’s also crucial to ensure that medical help is sent immediately.

Exchange Information

Collect the following from everyone involved:

  • Names
  • Contact details
  • Insurance details
  • Driver’s license and license plate numbers
  • Vehicle descriptions

It’s essential to remain calm and factual. Avoid admitting fault or assigning blame during this exchange.

Document The Accident Scene

Take clear photographs of vehicle damage, the car wreck scene, relevant road signs, and injuries. Also, get contact details from any witnesses you come across. They could be significant for future discussions or verifications about the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

After the accident, it’s critical to seek a complete medical evaluation. Even if you feel okay, some severe injuries might not manifest immediately. Besides ensuring your well-being, medical records can also provide necessary evidence of your injury.

Contact A Sideswipe Car Accident Attorney

Dallas’ roads can be complex, and, unfortunately, sideswipe accidents are highly likely. Guidance from an experienced sideswipe accident lawyer from Allbee Law Firm will be beneficial, especially when handling post-accident processes and potential claims.

What Compensation Can I Receive For A Sideswipe Accident?

In a sideswipe accident, you might recover several types of compensation, commonly referred to as “damages.” To claim these damages, you must provide evidence such as medical bills, proof of lost wages, and documentation of other losses. It is best to consult with a sideswipe car accident lawyer to help you pursue the total amount of damages you may be entitled to.

Medical Expenses

One of the most immediate and evident damages after an accident is the cost of medical treatment. The compensation you receive for medical expenses can include:

  • Ambulance fees
  • Emergency room visits
  • Hospital stays
  • Surgeries
  • Medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Pain Management
  • X-rays and MRIs
  • Future medical treatment

Lost Wages

If your injuries prevent you from working, temporarily or permanently, you can seek compensation for your lost wages. Compensation for lost wages covers current and future earnings you’ll lose if your ability to work is impacted in the long term.

Pain And Suffering

Pain and suffering is a non-economic damage meant to compensate accident victims for the physical and emotional distress caused by their injuries. When calculating pain and suffering, things can get quite complex. The amount you receive will depend on the severity of the injury, how long it takes to recover, and what the prognosis is for ongoing pain or emotional trauma.

Property Damage

Property damage refers to the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle and any other personal property damaged in the accident. This can include the repair costs for your vehicle, costs for a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired, and the value of personal items damaged or destroyed in the car wreck.

Loss Of Consortium

Loss of consortium refers to the loss of companionship, support, and services from a spouse due to their personal injuries. Loss of consortium damages are typically sought by the spouse of an accident victim for mental distress, reduced quality of life, or disruption in household responsibilities.

Emotional Distress

Emotional distress damages address the psychological impact of an injury. Accident victims might experience anxiety, depression, or other emotional challenges after a sideswipe car wreck. Compensation can be sought for therapy and emotional suffering.

Wrongful Death

If the side-swipe accident results in a fatality, surviving family members may pursue a wrongful death claim. Compensation can be sought for funeral expenses, loss of financial support, emotional suffering, and loss of companionship, among other losses.

Punitive Damages

In cases where the at-fault party’s conduct was reckless, the court might award punitive damages to deter such behavior in the future. Unlike other damages meant to compensate the victim, punitive damages are intended to punish the defendant.

Who Is At Fault In A Sideswipe Accident?

In sideswipe accidents, determining who is at fault can sometimes be challenging. Determining who’s at fault can depend on multiple factors, like what both drivers were doing before the crash, where the vehicles got hit, and even what witnesses have to say.

Insurance companies or courts usually look at all these factors to determine who’s at fault in a sideswipe accident. It could also be that both drivers bear some responsibility, which could impact the compensation they receive. Evidence required to establish negligence or fault in sideswipe accidents can include the following:

Police Reports

The police report might contain details about who was at fault based on their investigation at the scene. It can also include witness statements and other relevant information.

Witness Statements

Witnesses play a crucial role in sideswipe accidents as they can provide an unbiased account of what happened. Their statements can help determine who was at fault.

Photographs And Videos

Visual evidence, such as photographs or videos taken by drivers or witnesses, can provide a clear understanding of the accident scene and help determine who was at fault.

Traffic Laws

Traffic laws may dictate who is liable in a sideswipe accident. If one driver violated a law or regulation that led to the accident, they could be found at fault.

Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses can provide an impartial analysis of the accident based on their expertise and help determine fault. They might include accident reconstruction specialists, medical experts, or engineers.

Vehicle Damage

Vehicle damage can also provide insight into how the accident occurred and who was at fault. Examining the vehicles can help determine which side-swiped the other, leading to a better understanding of what happened.

Driver Admissions

If one driver admits fault or apologizes at the accident scene, this may be used as evidence to establish liability.

A sideswipe accident can result in various types of damages. It’s best to consult with a car accident lawyer who can help navigate the complex legal process, gather evidence, and ensure you receive the total compensation you are entitled to.

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If you’ve been injured in a sideswipe accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, contacting Allbee Law Firm is the way to go. Our dedicated legal team has extensive experience in handling these cases, so we’re well-prepared to assist you with any challenges that come up after an accident.

We can assist in gathering the necessary evidence to build a strong case, increasing the likelihood of receiving fair compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

Don’t let the stress of dealing with the consequences of an accident overwhelm you. Contact our injury lawyers at (972) 848-4848 to receive expert legal help and give yourself the best chance of receiving the compensation you deserve.

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Contact Allbee Law Firm for a free consultation if you’re looking for assistance following a sideswipe accident. You’ll get to talk with our Dallas car accident attorneys who can help you clearly understand your legal options.

There’s no commitment; it’s just an informative chat to see how we can assist you during this time. It’s a simple, cost-free way to start protecting your interests.

Investigation To Prove Who’s At Fault

Determining who is at fault in a sideswipe accident can sometimes be challenging. In sideswipe accident cases, a thorough investigation is critical. This process usually involves gathering evidence, such as pictures from the accident scene, witness statements, and police reports. The investigation can also include analyzing video footage, if available, and consulting with experts who can reconstruct the accident to understand precisely what happened.

A detailed investigation can pinpoint who was at fault, making it easier to build a strong case when seeking damages. You can count on Allbee Law Firm’s legal team to conduct a comprehensive investigation to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Assistance With Medical Treatment Through A Letter of Protection

A Letter of Protection is beneficial if you’re facing hefty medical costs after a sideswipe accident. A Letter of Protection is a contract sent by Allbee Law Firm to your healthcare provider that promises that your medical bills will be paid directly from the settlement proceeds once your personal injury case is settled or won.

A Letter of Protection lets you get the medical care you need without worrying about paying immediately. This way, you can focus on your recovery without added financial stress.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies after a sideswipe car accident can be challenging. Having someone experienced in your corner to handle settlement negotiations is crucial. Allbee Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers know how to communicate effectively with insurance companies to obtain a fair settlement.

We will present the facts clearly and argue on your behalf, ensuring that the insurance company considers all the necessary details, like medical bills, repair costs, and other damages. The goal is to obtain a settlement that adequately covers your losses. Having an experienced personal injury attorney handle settlement negotiations has been shown to increase your chances of a favorable outcome compared to trying to negotiate on your own claim.

Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit

If negotiations with the insurance company don’t result in a fair settlement, filing a personal injury lawsuit is the next step. This means we’ll have to take the matter to court to seek justice and get the compensation you deserve. Allbee Law Firm will prepare all the necessary documents, gather solid evidence, and represent you in court.

We’ll present your case to a judge or jury to prove the other party’s liability and the extent of the damages you’ve suffered. Going this route requires expertise and preparation, and having an experienced personal injury attorney by your side will significantly increase your chances of a successful outcome.

If you’re at fault for an accident in Texas, you’re also on the hook for covering the damages. It’s called the “at-fault” insurance system. This means proving negligence and liability is crucial if you’re involved in a sideswipe accident in Dallas.

If the other driver is determined to be at fault, their insurance is expected to cover your damages, such as medical bills, vehicle repairs, and additional related costs. On the other hand, if you’re deemed at fault, your insurance will be liable for the other party’s damages.

Our Dallas car accident attorneys represent our clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning, we only get paid if we win your case or secure a settlement. At Allbee Law Firm our contingency fee structure is tiered based on the stage at which your case is resolved.

In the pre-litigation phase, which includes negotiations before a lawsuit is filed, the firm will charge 33.33% of any settlement you receive. If your case progresses to litigation, the fee rises to 40%. Should your case go to trial, the contingency fee increases to 45%. This fee structure allows you to seek legal representation without upfront costs.

Side-swipe accidents usually happen when two vehicles travel alongside each other and then make contact on the sides. Sideswipe collisions often occur when one driver tries to change lanes without noticing another car next to them or when a vehicle unintentionally drifts out of its lane due to distraction, impairment, or reckless driving.

Side-swipe accidents can also occur when drivers misjudge the distance between their car and a nearby vehicle, especially in tight or congested traffic conditions. Although usually considered less severe than head-on or rear-end collisions, side-swipe accidents can still result in significant vehicle damage and bodily injury.

After a sideswipe accident, avoiding specific actions that could jeopardize your injury claim or personal well-being is critical.

  • Do not leave the accident scene; this is illegal in some situations and could result in criminal penalties.
  • Avoid admitting fault or making statements that could be interpreted as such to the other party involved and insurance adjusters.
  • Only sign documents or accept settlement offers from insurance companies after consulting your car accident attorney, as you may inadvertently waive your right to seek further compensation.
  • Avoid discussing the details of the accident on social media, as these posts could be used against you in legal proceedings.

The Texas statute of limitations governs the deadline for filing a car accident lawsuit. For personal injury claims, including those arising from a car crash, you generally have two years from the accident date to file a lawsuit.

You must meet this deadline to avoid losing your right to seek legal remedies for any severe injuries or damages you’ve incurred. It’s essential to consult with an experienced Dallas car accident lawyer from Allbee Law Firm as soon as possible after the accident to ensure that all necessary steps are taken within this timeframe.

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If you’ve been injured in a sideswipe car accident, it’s important to take action quickly to protect your rights and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Contact Allbee Law Firm to ensure your car accident claim is handled effectively and efficiently. We will guide you through the process with clarity and dedication.

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