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Dallas Wrongful Death Lawyer At A FuneralThe unexpected loss of a loved one is a devastating event that can leave families in a state of shock and grief. When this loss is the result of someone else’s negligence or misconduct, the pain is compounded by a sense of injustice.

In these moments, the support of a compassionate and experienced Dallas wrongful death lawyer can be invaluable. Allbee Law Firm’s wrongful death attorneys serve as advocates for the rights of the bereaved, providing guidance through the maze of legal proceedings and helping to secure the compensation that families deserve.

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What Is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death is a legal term used to describe a situation where an individual’s death is caused by a wrongful act or negligence by another person or entity. It is a cause of action that allows the estate or those close to the deceased to file a lawsuit against the party legally liable for the death.

The concept behind a wrongful death claim is to provide relief to family members who have been injured emotionally and financially due to the death of their loved one. It’s a civil action, distinct from criminal charges that a state might impose. Even if a defendant is being prosecuted criminally, a wrongful death lawsuit can still proceed in civil court independently.

Under Texas law, a wrongful death claim can be brought when the injury that caused the individual’s death was a result of:

  • Negligence, such as careless driving or failing to maintain safe property conditions.
  • Recklessness, where someone’s actions were dangerously careless or heedless of the safety of others.
  • Intentional acts, including assault or murder.

Who Can Sue For Wrongful Death?

Under Texas law, wrongful death claims can be filed by close family members of the deceased person. This typically includes the surviving spouse, children, and parents. These individuals are given the right to seek compensation for their loss, addressing both the financial and emotional impact of their loved one’s untimely death.

Texas law also allows the executor or administrator of the deceased’s estate to file a claim if the family does not do so within three months of the death, unless the family specifically requests otherwise.

What Types Of Compensation Can A Dallas Wrongful Death Lawyer Help Me Recover?

While no amount of money can ever replace the loss of a loved one, pursuing a wrongful death claim can provide financial relief and a sense of justice. Understanding the types of compensation available can help you make informed decisions during this difficult time. Wrongful death lawsuits include different kinds of damages and compensation.

Economic Damages

  • Medical Expenses

If your loved one has medical expenses due to the injuries that ultimately led to their death, compensation for these costs can be sought.

  • Funeral And Burial Costs

The sudden loss of a loved one often brings unexpected funeral and burial expenses. These unplanned expenses can be recovered through a wrongful death claim.

  • Lost Wages

Losing a family’s primary breadwinner can have a substantial financial impact. Compensation can include not only lost wages but also lost future earnings.

Non-Economic Damages

  • Loss Of Companionship And Society

Losing a loved one’s presence, affection, guidance, and companionship is deeply painful. While it’s impossible to put a price on these emotional aspects, Texas law recognizes their value and allows compensation for these non-tangible losses.

  • Mental Anguish

Compensation for mental anguish acknowledges the psychological suffering that family members experience when a family member’s life is

  • Exemplary Damages (Punitive Damages)

In cases where a willful act or gross negligence caused the death, Texas law allows for exemplary or punitive damages. Punitive damages are paid to punish the defendant and prevent similar conduct in the future.

  • Survival Action Damages

Separate from the wrongful death lawsuit damages, Texas allows for a “survival action.” In a survival action, the deceased’s estate seeks compensation for the pain and suffering the deceased experienced before their death and any related medical expenses.

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How Can Allbee Law Firm Help Me With A Wrongful Death Case?

At Allbee Law Firm, we understand that no two wrongful death cases are identical. That’s why our approach is tailored to the unique circumstances and needs of each family we represent. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

Understanding Your Story

Our first step is to listen—to truly understand the depth of your loss and how the wrongful death of your loved one has impacted your life. We want to hear your story so that we can convey it powerfully and convincingly to a judge and jury.

In-Depth Case Analysis

Our experienced Dallas wrongful death attorneys will thoroughly analyze your case, examining every detail to establish liability and the full scope of damages. We will review accident reports and medical records and work with forensic experts when appropriate.

Strategic Legal Planning

With a complete understanding of your case, we craft a strategic legal plan. Our goal is not only to win your case but to secure the maximum compensation possible. We’ll discuss the best route to take, whether it’s negotiating a settlement or proceeding to trial.

Dedicated Advocacy

We will act as your advocate throughout your case, giving you a voice in the legal system. We fight relentlessly for your rights, ensuring the parties responsible for your loss are held accountable.

Transparent Communication

We believe in maintaining open lines of communication with our clients. You’ll be kept informed every step of the way, and we’ll always be available to answer your questions and provide updates.

Courtroom Excellence

Should your case go to trial, you can count on our skilled litigators to represent you with excellence. Our Dallas wrongful death lawyers are as comfortable in the courtroom as we are at the negotiation table, ready to present your case with expertise.

Empathy And Understanding

We never forget that at the heart of every wrongful death case is a family grappling with a profound loss. Our team approaches every case with empathy and understanding, and we’re committed to providing the support you need during this challenging time.

Allbee Law Firm’s Commitment To You

At Allbee Law Firm, we’re more than just your attorneys; we’re your partners in the pursuit of justice. Our commitment to you is unwavering, and we’re dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for your case. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step toward finding peace and closure.

What Is The Average Payout In A Wrongful Death Suit?

When it comes to financial recovery, Texas law permits the recovery of both economic and non-economic damages in wrongful death cases. Economic damages may include:

    • Medical expenses incurred before death.
    • Funeral and burial costs.
    • The loss of the deceased’s expected earning capacity.

Non-economic damages cover the more intangible losses, such as:

    • A survivor’s emotional pain and suffering
    • Loss of companionship
    • Loss of care and guidance.

While there is no set “average” payout in wrongful death suits, as each case is unique, experienced wrongful death lawyers in Dallas can provide families with an understanding of typical wrongful death settlement ranges based on similar past cases.

Dallas Wrongful Death Attorney FAQs

If you are uncertain who is responsible for your loved one’s death, it’s crucial to contact a Dallas wrongful death attorney for legal assistance. Allbee Law Firm will immediately conduct a thorough and detailed investigation to identify the parties responsible.

We will gather evidence, consult with experts, and analyze all aspects of the incident to determine the cause and identify those responsible. This process requires careful examination of medical records, police reports, witness statements, and potentially other specialized investigations.

Yes, you can file a wrongful death claim even if the responsible party is already facing criminal charges. A wrongful death claim is a civil matter and operates independently of any criminal proceedings.

Criminal charges seek to punish the responsible party for breaking the law. In contrast, a wrongful death claim seeks compensation for the surviving family members for their losses due to the death.

The standard of proof is also different; criminal cases require proof “beyond a reasonable doubt,” whereas civil cases require proof by a “preponderance of the evidence.”

Determining whether settlement or trial is the best option for wrongful death cases is difficult and often requires careful analysis and professional legal guidance. Remember, the choice between settlement and trial is not always clear-cut and can change as your case progresses. The wrongful death attorneys at Allbee Law Firm will provide ongoing advice tailored to your evolving situation.

  • Assessment of Your Case: Our experienced team will thoroughly evaluate the facts, evidence, applicable laws, and the specific circumstances of your case to gauge its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understanding the Value: We’ll help you understand the potential value of your claim, considering factors like medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other damages.
  • Negotiation And Settlement Offer: If a settlement is considered, we will negotiate aggressively with the defendant or their insurance company to achieve fair and just compensation for you. We’ll inform you of any offers and guide you on whether they reflect a reasonable value.
  • Analyzing Risks And Benefits: We’ll discuss the risks and benefits of going to trial versus settling, including considerations like time, costs, uncertainty of outcomes, emotional toll, and potential rewards.
  • Your Preferences And Goals: Your feelings, preferences, and long-term goals are central to decision-making. We’ll work closely with you to ensure the chosen path aligns with what you feel is best for you and your family.


If the responsible party in a wrongful death case has no insurance or assets, it can make recovering compensation challenging but not impossible.

  • Investigating Other Liable Parties: We may conduct a thorough investigation to identify other potentially liable parties. For example, if the wrongful death occurred in a car accident, there might be other individuals, employers, or entities that share responsibility and have the means to pay damages.
  • Exploring Other Insurance Options: If the responsible party lacks insurance, other insurance policies might be available to provide compensation. For example, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage in an auto accident case.
  • Evaluating Assets: While the responsible party may claim to have no assets, a detailed examination might reveal property or other assets that could be used to satisfy a judgment.
  • Considering Structured Settlements: If assets are limited, a structured settlement over time might be negotiated to provide compensation in installments.

Negligence is defined as the failure to exercise the level of care that a reasonably prudent person would have exercised in similar circumstances.

This lack of care must be the direct cause of the death for a negligence claim to be valid. Negligence can manifest in various ways, such as a driver not adhering to traffic laws, a property owner failing to address known safety hazards, or a healthcare provider not following the accepted medical practices for their field.

Proving negligence is a complex process that typically requires showing that the at-fault party had a duty to the deceased; they breached that duty and the breach directly resulted in the death.

Expert witnesses are pivotal in wrongful death cases as they provide specialized knowledge that can support the claim. Medical experts can testify about the cause of death and the potential pain and suffering experienced by the deceased. In contrast, accident reconstruction experts can help establish how the incident occurred and who was at fault.

Economists may be retained to calculate the financial impact of the death, including lost future earnings and benefits.

The testimony of these experts is often vital in establishing the full scope of damages and strengthening the plaintiff’s case.

Yes, wrongful death verdicts can be challenged or appealed in Dallas courts. The process is similar to other civil case appeals, where the party seeking an appeal must file a notice of appeal within a specific timeframe after the judgment.

The appeals court will then review the case to determine if any legal errors could have affected the trial outcome. The court may uphold the original judgment, reverse it, or order a new trial.

If the defendant in a wrongful death claim is also deceased, the claim is generally pursued against their estate and insurance company. The legal representative of the defendant’s estate, such as an executor or administrator, will stand in for the defendant in legal proceedings.

The plaintiff must still prove the elements of wrongful death against the deceased defendant as they would if the defendant were alive. Any damages awarded would then be paid out of the estate’s assets.

How Long Does A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Take?

A wrongful death suit can vary in duration based on several factors, and it’s one of the more complex types of civil litigation due to the emotional stakes and the detailed investigation required. The timeline for a wrongful death lawsuit in Dallas, or anywhere in Texas, can be broken down into several stages, each with its own timeframe:

  1. Consultation And Attorney Selection: This initial phase involves the family consulting with and selecting an experienced wrongful death attorney. This process can take one day to a few weeks depending on how many lawyers the family meets with before making a decision.
  2. Investigation And Case Preparation: Once a wrongful death attorney is retained, we will begin a thorough investigation of the claim, which includes collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and possibly hiring experts. This process can take several months, especially if the case is complex.
  3. Filing The Lawsuit: The attorney will file a wrongful death petition with the court after the preliminary investigation. The lawsuit must be filed within the statute of limitations, which, in Texas, is generally two years from the date of the deceased’s death.
  4. Discovery: The discovery phase involves both parties exchanging information related to the wrongful death claim. The evidence can include interrogatories, depositions, and requests for documents. Discovery can be a lengthy process, often taking a year or more, depending on the case’s complexity and the court’s schedule.
  5. Pre-Trial Motions And Hearings: Before the trial, there may be various motions and hearings to determine what evidence will be admissible, to resolve legal questions, and to potentially reach a settlement. This stage can last from a few months to over a year.
  6. Mediation Or Settlement Negotiations: Many wrongful death suits are settled out of court. Mediation and settlement negotiations can occur at any point in the process, but typically after discovery when all parties clearly understand the case’s strengths and weaknesses. Settlement negotiations can be relatively quick, or they can draw out for additional months if the parties are far apart in their valuation of the case.
  7. Trial: If the case does not settle, it will go to trial. A wrongful death trial can last a few days to several weeks, but scheduling a court date can add considerable time to the lawsuit’s duration. It may take a year or more after the discovery phase to go to trial due to court backlogs.
  8. Post-Trial Motions And Appeals: Even after a verdict is rendered, there may be post-trial motions or appeals, adding several more months or even years to the process.

In summary, a wrongful death suit in Dallas can take anywhere from a year to several years to resolve completely. The specific time depends on the case’s complexity, the court’s schedule, the efficiency of the parties and their attorneys, and the willingness of the parties to settle. It’s essential for families to prepare for a potentially lengthy process and to maintain open communication with their attorneys to manage expectations.

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Losing a loved one is an immeasurable loss, and no amount of compensation can truly make amends. However, pursuing a wrongful death claim can offer a sense of justice and financial stability during a time of upheaval. With the guidance of a dedicated Dallas wrongful death lawyer, families can navigate the complex legal terrain and focus on the process of healing.

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