Dallas Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Dallas Pedestrian Accident LawyerWhile it’s a known fact that car vehicle accidents are commonplace in Dallas, pedestrian accidents can be even more problematic because they can cause such serious injuries and even fatalities. In fact, the city has one of the highest rates of pedestrian accidents in the state of Texas.

If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. But how do you get the compensation you deserve? That’s where Dallas pedestrian accident lawyers come in.

An experienced Dallas pedestrian accident attorney from Allbee Law Firm can help you understand your legal rights and options, and we can fight to get you the compensation you deserve. We can also help you deal with the insurance company, which can be a source of frustration and headache in itself.

So if you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident, don’t go it alone. Contact Allbee Law Firm today at (972) 848-4848 to get the help you need.

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Steps To Follow After A Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents often result in devastating injuries and damages. It’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed or confused in the aftermath, but it’s essential to keep calm and call 911 immediately. The rest can be done after you get the prompt medical attention and first aid you need. Here are essential steps you need to take after being involved in a Dallas pedestrian accident:

Ensure Your Safety

First and foremost, make sure you and everyone else involved in the accident are safe. If it’s possible, try to move to a safe spot away from any traffic. If you’re injured and can’t move, call 911 immediately and ask for emergency medical services. It’s crucial to have a police officer come to the scene and document the accident, creating an official report. This report will include important information like where and when it happened, who was involved, and any statements from witnesses. Most importantly, don’t forget to ask for a copy of the report so you have it for your or your pedestrian accident attorney’s records if you decide to seek the services of one.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if your injuries seem minor, it is paramount to seek medical attention immediately. Some injuries may not be apparent initially but could worsen over time. Medical documentation will also be valuable for your insurance claim and legal case.

Document The Accident

If it’s safe to do so, gather as much information as possible at the scene of the accident. Take photos or videos of the accident site, noting any motor vehicle damage, your injuries, and any other important information. Additionally, be sure you get the contact details of any witnesses who saw the accident happen. Their testimony could be helpful in evaluating responsibility and liability.

Do Not Admit Fault

Even if you believe you may have contributed to the accident, refrain from saying anything that could be taken as an admission of guilt or responsibility. It is advisable to leave the complex process of determining fault to the authorities and Dallas pedestrian accident lawyers. When the police arrive, give them accurate facts, but don’t speculate or place blame.

Contact a Dallas Pedestrian Accident Lawyer At Allbee Law Firm

Pedestrian accident cases can be complex due to the numerous factors involved, such as proving driver negligence, determining liability, gathering evidence, dealing with insurance companies, and negotiating settlements. If you are injured severely in a pedestrian accident, you might not be able to properly advocate for your own rights or get an adequate amount of compensation from insurance companies. In such cases, it’s best to reach out to an experienced Dallas pedestrian accident lawyer from Allbee Law Firm as soon as possible.

We possess in-depth knowledge of personal injury laws and the expertise to handle these complexities on your behalf. We will guide you through the legal process, ensuring your rights are protected while maximizing your chances of obtaining fair compensation. We make the process so much easier and smoother while you recover from your injuries.

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What Types of Compensation Can Dallas Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Recover For Me?

Dallas pedestrian accident victims have the right to seek compensation for the damages and losses they have endured due to the negligence of others. Understanding the various forms of compensation available can help you navigate the legal process and pursue the appropriate restitution. Consulting with Dallas pedestrian accident attorneys will provide you with the necessary guidance, support, and legal expertise to build a strong case and seek the maximum compensation possible. Act promptly, as there are time limitations to file a personal injury claim in Texas, and reaching out to a pedestrian accident attorney early on will help protect your rights and secure the compensation you deserve.

Medical Bill And Expense

Pedestrian accident injuries often involve extensive medical treatment, including emergency care, surgeries, hospital stays, rehabilitation, and ongoing therapy. Compensation can cover the costs associated with present and future medical expenses, such as hospital bills, surgeries, medication, rehabilitation services, and assistive devices. It is essential to keep track of all medical bills and records to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation.

Lost Income And Future Earnings

Serious injuries sustained in pedestrian accidents can lead to missed work, reduced earning capacity, and potential long-term disabilities. Compensation can include reimbursement for lost wages due to time away from work and the loss of future earning potential caused by your injuries. Experienced Dallas pedestrian accident attorneys are adept and experienced in calculating the appropriate compensation for current and future income losses.

Pain And Suffering Damages

Pedestrian accidents can result in physical pain, emotional distress, mental anguish, and a decreased quality of life. Compensation for pain and suffering aims to address these non-economic losses. Although challenging to quantify, factors such as the severity of injuries, the impact on daily life, and emotional trauma are considered when determining appropriate compensation. Experienced Dallas pedestrian accident lawyers can advocate for fair compensation based on the specific details of a case.

Rehabilitation And Therapy Costs

Pedestrian accidents often require long-term rehabilitation, physical therapy, and psychological counseling. Compensation can cover the expenses associated with these treatments, including rehabilitation services, physical therapy sessions, occupational therapy, counseling, and necessary medical equipment or home modifications. Keeping thorough records of these expenses will help ensure that you are properly compensated.

Property Damage

If personal property, such as clothing, electronic devices, or personal belongings, was damaged or destroyed in the accident, you may be eligible for compensation to repair or replace those items. Make sure to document the damage and retain any relevant receipts or estimates to support your claim for property damage compensation.

Wrongful Death Damages

In cases where a pedestrian accident results in a tragic loss of life, surviving family members may be allowed to pursue a wrongful death claim. Compensation may include funeral and burial expenses, loss of financial support, loss of companionship, and the emotional pain and suffering experienced by the family members left behind. Seeking the guidance of a Dallas pedestrian accident lawyer is essential during this difficult time to ensure your rights are protected and to navigate the legal process.

How Can Dallas Pedestrian Accident Lawyers from Allbee Law Firm Help?

Experienced pedestrian accident lawyers understand that compensation is a vital part of any personal injury case. While insurance adjusters offer quick settlements, it is often not enough to cover all of the damages and losses sustained by a victim, and this is where Allbee Law Firm enters the picture. With our expertise and experience in obtaining the maximum compensation for our clients, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is handled by one of the best personal injury attorneys in the city. Here are the services we offer for all pedestrian accident cases:

Free Consultation

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident in Dallas, it is crucial to seek legal guidance as soon as possible. Allbee Law Firm offers free consultations to victims, providing an opportunity to discuss the details of your case and explore your legal options without any financial obligation.

During the free consultation, we will carefully listen to your story, assess the circumstances of the accident, and offer valuable insights into the strength of your claim. We will explain the legal process, answer your questions, and provide an initial assessment of the potential compensation you may be entitled to.

Investigation And Evidence Gathering

Establishing liability is critical in a pedestrian accident case. With our resources and networks, we will conduct a thorough investigation, gathering evidence to support your claim. This may include analyzing accident reports, obtaining witness statements, reviewing surveillance footage, and consulting with accident reconstruction experts if necessary. By building a strong case for you, we will fully demonstrate the negligence of the responsible party.

Handling The Insurance Claim And Negotiation

Allbee Law Firm will handle the entire process of setting up your insurance claim, communication, and negotiation on your behalf. We will conduct a comprehensive investigation, collecting medical records, accident reports, witness statements, and other relevant information to strengthen your pedestrian accident case. With a deep understanding of personal injury law and insurance policies, we will compile all the necessary information to present a persuasive claim to the insurance company.

Our hands-on approach allows us to navigate elaborate paperwork, adhere to strict deadlines, and meet insurance company requirements. This active approach ensures that every detail is properly addressed, accurately representing your damages and establishing the liability of the responsible party. By entrusting this process to us, you can have confidence in the thoroughness and accuracy of your claim, increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome in your pedestrian accident case.

Expert Network And Resources

Allbee Law Firm has a network of experts and resources we can tap into to strengthen your case. We may consult accident reconstruction specialists, medical experts, and economists to provide expert opinions and evidence in support of your claim. These resources can significantly bolster your case and increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

Litigation And Trial Representation

While many pedestrian accident cases are resolved through settlements, some may require litigation, especially if a fair settlement cannot be reached. Allbee Law Firm will prepare your case for trial and represent your interests in court. We will present evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and argue your case to seek a favorable verdict. We have done this numerous times for different personal injury cases, so you can rest assured that your pedestrian accident case is in capable and experienced hands.

Dallas Pedestrian Accident Lawyer FAQs

While it is possible to handle your case without a lawyer, it is not advisable. Pedestrian accident cases can be complex, involving various legal and insurance aspects. An experienced Dallas pedestrian accident lawyer understands the intricacies of the law, has the resources to conduct a thorough investigation, and can skillfully negotiate with insurance companies. We will provide the necessary guidance and support during this challenging time, ensuring your rights are protected and your best interests are represented.

The Dallas personal injury lawyers at Allbee Law Firm provide legal representation on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if we are successful in getting you compensation for your case. The personal injury lawyers at Allbee Law Firm are compensated on a contingency basis, with a percentage of the overall settlement won in your case. The possible range of this percentage is between 33.33% and 45%.

Your case may incur additional expenses in addition to the attorney’s fee, such as court filing fees, expert witness fees, medical record retrieval costs, and other administrative costs. 

We will absolutely go over the costs during the initial free consultation to make sure you are comfortable with the arrangement before moving forward.

The time it takes to settle a pedestrian accident claim can vary significantly depending on several factors. Here are some factors that can influence the duration of the settlement process:

Case Complexity

The complexity of your case plays a role in determining how long it will take to reach a settlement. Factors such as the severity of your injuries, the extent of property damage, and the availability of evidence can impact the complexity of the case.

Medical Treatment

The duration of your medical treatment and the extent of your injuries can affect the timeline. It’s important to complete your medical treatment or reach a point of maximum medical improvement before negotiating a settlement. This ensures a fair assessment of the damages you have incurred.

Liability Disputes

If there is a dispute regarding liability or fault in the accident, it can prolong the settlement process. Insurance companies may conduct investigations and evaluate evidence to determine who is at fault, which can add time to the resolution of your claim.

Insurance Company Cooperation

The responsiveness and cooperation of the insurance company involved can impact the settlement timeline. Some insurance companies may try to delay the process or offer low settlement amounts. Negotiations may take time to reach a fair agreement.

Negotiations And Legal Proceedings

The negotiation process itself can vary in duration. It often involves back-and-forth discussions between your attorney and the insurance company to reach a satisfactory settlement. If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiations, it may be necessary to proceed with legal action, which can further extend the timeline.

Given these factors, it is challenging to provide an exact timeframe for settling a pedestrian accident claim. Some cases may settle within a few months, while others can take a year or longer. It’s important to work with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney who can guide you through the process, assess the specifics of your case, and provide a more accurate estimation based on the circumstances involved.

Pedestrian injuries range from mild to severe, depending on many circumstances. Most injuries require extensive medical attention, and paying for your medical bills while awaiting a settlement can be a concern. Here are a few options to consider:

Health Insurance

If you have health insurance coverage, it can help cover your medical expenses. Your health insurance provider may pay for the necessary treatments related to the accident. Be sure to inform your healthcare providers that you were involved in an accident, as there may be specific procedures for billing your health insurance.

MedPay Coverage

If you have MedPay coverage as part of your auto insurance policy, it can assist in paying for your medical bills regardless of who was at fault for the accident. MedPay is designed to cover medical expenses resulting from accidents, including pedestrian accidents. Check your policy to see if you have this coverage and the limits it provides.

Out-of-Pocket Payment

If you don’t have health insurance or MedPay coverage, you may need to pay your medical bills out of pocket. In such cases, it’s crucial to keep detailed records of all your medical expenses, including bills, receipts, and any related documentation. This information will be important when seeking reimbursement or when negotiating a settlement.

Letter of Protection

Allbee Law Firm offers this option to our clients, where we’ll provide a letter of protection to medical providers. This document assures the healthcare providers that they will be paid from the settlement proceeds once the case is resolved. It allows you to receive necessary medical treatment while postponing payment until the settlement is obtained.

It’s essential to discuss your specific situation with your pedestrian accident attorney. We can provide guidance on the best course of action based on the details of your case. We also have experience working with medical providers and can help navigate the process of managing your medical bills until your settlement is reached.

The time limit within which you must file a pedestrian accident case is known as the statute of limitations. Texas personal injury statute of limitations for pedestrian accidents is generally two years from the date of the accident.

It’s crucial to understand that if you fail to file your case within the applicable statute of limitations, you may lose your right to pursue legal action and seek compensation for your injuries and damages. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult with Allbee Law Firm as soon as possible after the accident.

When you contact us promptly, you can ensure your case is filed within the required time frame. Additionally, we can guide you through the legal process, gather evidence, and assess the strength of your case.

Keep in mind that exceptions to the statute of limitations may exist in certain circumstances, such as when the injured party is a minor.  To understand the specific deadlines and any exceptions that may apply to your case, it’s best to consult with a qualified Dallas pedestrian accident attorney who can provide personalized legal advice based on your situation.

Dallas pedestrian accidents occur due to various factors, often involving a combination of driver negligence, pedestrian behavior, and environmental conditions. Here are some common causes of Dallas pedestrian accidents:

Distracted Driving

Texting, talking on the phone, eating, using in-car infotainment systems, and other forms of distracted driving are the leading causes of pedestrian accidents. When drivers are not fully focused on the road, their reaction times decrease, making it more difficult to avoid collisions with pedestrians.

Failure To Yield

Motorists failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks, intersections, or designated pedestrian areas is a frequent cause of accidents. Drivers may be inattentive or disregard traffic rules, leading to collisions with pedestrians who have the right of way.


Excessive speeding reduces a driver’s ability to react to unexpected situations, including pedestrians crossing the road. Higher speeds increase the severity of injuries when a pedestrian accident occurs, making it more challenging for drivers to avoid collisions or stop in time.

Driving Under The Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications significantly impairs a driver’s judgment, reaction time, and coordination. Impaired drivers are more likely to fail to notice pedestrians or correctly respond to their presence, leading to accidents.

Failure To Follow Traffic Signs And Signals

Disregarding traffic signals, stop signs, or red lights can lead to pedestrian accidents. Drivers who fail to obey traffic laws increase the risk of colliding with pedestrians who are lawfully crossing the road or using designated pedestrian crossings.

Poor Visibility

Reduced visibility due to adverse weather conditions, poorly lit areas, or obstructed views can contribute to pedestrian accidents. Low visibility makes it harder for drivers to see pedestrians and react in a timely manner to avoid accidents.

Pedestrian Negligence

Pedestrians also play a role in accident causation. Engaging in jaywalking (crossing the street outside designated areas), ignoring traffic signals, or walking while distracted (e.g., using smartphones or listening to loud music) can increase the likelihood of being involved in an accident.

Pedestrian accidents in Dallas can lead to a variety of injuries, ranging from minor to severe. The nature and severity of pedestrian accident injuries can depend on factors such as the speed of the vehicle, the point of impact, and the overall circumstances of the accident. Here are some common injuries suffered by Dallas pedestrian accident victims:

Head Injuries And Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Pedestrians are at high risk of head injuries due to the potential for impact with a motor vehicle or the ground. These injuries can range from concussions and contusions to more severe traumatic brain injuries. TBIs can have long-term consequences, affecting cognitive function, memory, speech, and overall quality of life.

Bone Fractures And Orthopedic Injuries

Pedestrian accidents often result in fractures and orthopedic injuries. The impact can cause broken bones in the arms, legs, hips, pelvis, or spine. Fractures may require surgical intervention, immobilization, and extensive rehabilitation to regain mobility and function.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The force of the collision can lead to spinal cord injuries, potentially resulting in partial or complete paralysis. Spinal cord injuries can have a profound impact on mobility, sensation, and overall quality of life.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Pedestrians may suffer soft tissue injuries such as sprains, strains, and tears in muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These injuries can cause pain, swelling, limited mobility, and may require physical therapy or other forms of rehabilitation.

Internal Organ Damage

The impact of a pedestrian accident can cause internal injuries, including damage to internal organs such as the liver, spleen, kidneys, or lungs. These injuries can be life-threatening and may require immediate surgical intervention.

Cuts, Lacerations, And Contusions

Victims often sustain cuts, lacerations, and contusions due to contact with the vehicle or the road surface. These injuries can range from minor abrasions and bruises to deep lacerations requiring stitches or cosmetic surgery.

Emotional And Psychological Trauma

Pedestrian accidents can have long-lasting emotional and psychological effects. Victims may experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, or a fear of crossing roads or being near traffic.

It’s crucial for victims to seek immediate medical attention and follow through with all recommended treatments. Additionally, consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer who focuses on pedestrian accidents can help protect your rights and pursue compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other non-economic damages.

Have You Injured In a Pedestrian Accident in Dallas?

If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident in Dallas, you need a skilled and dedicated attorney on your side. Allbee Law Firm is ready to stand up for your rights and fight for the financial compensation you deserve. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll these accidents can take, and we are here to provide you with compassionate support and expert legal guidance.

With our extensive knowledge of pedestrian accident laws and experience handling complex insurance claims, we will work tirelessly to ensure your voice is heard and your interests are protected. Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you.

Contact Allbee Law Firm today at (972) 848-4848 and let us help you navigate the legal process with confidence. Your road to recovery starts here.



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