Motorcycle Accident Takes The Life of Arlington Motorcyclist Kerri Fulbright

Motorcycle Accident Takes The Life of Arlington Motorcyclist Kerri Fulbright

Arlington Motorcycle Accident Yesterday

Based on statistics, one motorcyclist dies in a motorcycle accident every day in Texas. Sadly, motorcyclist, Kerri Fulbright lost her life in a motorcycle accident on I-20 service road between Kennedale and Arlington at 10:08 am on June 16, 2022. Ms. Fulbright was heading eastbound on the inside lane when an SUV, that had been traveling westbound, attempted to make a U-turn in front of Ms. Fulbright.  After Arlington Police Department responded, Ms. Fulbright was rushed to Medical City Arlington where she was pronounced deceased one hour later.

Arlington Police Department Investigation

Based in part on witness statements, investigators determined that to witnesses and information reported by Arlington Police Department, Ms. Fulbright was traveling at a high rate of speed when she rear-ended an SUV that was making a U-turn under I-20. The name of the SUV driver involved in the crash was not released.

Was The Motorcycle Driver at Fault?

Some people might rush to blame Ms. Fulbright because she rear-ended the SUV, but the rear vehicle isn’t always at fault in a rear-end accident. For example, there may have been a traffic light, stop sign, yield sign or other traffic control devices that were disregarded by the SUV. It’s also possible that the driver of the SUV was traveling at an unsafe rate of speed, was distracted, or did something else to cause the accident. The bottom line is it can be difficult to determine who was negligent and responsible for causing the crash.

Motorcycle Driver Rights

Texas law allows injured motorcycle drivers to receive compensation for injuries caused by another person’s negligence. For example, you can receive compensation for the following items:

Medical bills if you have to be seen at a local hospital or receive physical therapy

· Lost wages

· Pain and suffering

· Damage to your motorcycle/vehicle

· Physical impairment; and

· Loss of earning capacity.

Family members who have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident can also receive the following forms of compensation:

· Loss of consortium

· Funeral expenses

· Punitive damages

· Mental anguish of surviving family members; and

· Other forms of compensation will vary from case to case.

How Can an Arlington Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Motorcycle riders need to realize that an experienced personal injury lawyer can have a huge impact on your motorcycle injury case. First, we will speak with you, the motorcycle driver, to determine what actually happened. Next, we will gather any evidence that will show that the other driver was negligent. After that, we’ll help you find medical providers who will help you get the medical treatment you need and deserve. In fact, many of these medical providers will wait for payment until your case is resolved so you don’t have to pay for medical treatment out of your own pocket. Lastly, we’ll negotiate a fair settlement for you or take your case to court if the insurance company refuses to treat you fairly.

Free Consultations 24/7 for Motorcycle Accident Victims in Arlington Texas

Allbee Law Firm gives free consultations to all personal injury victims. Call us at 817-244-6453 if you are a motorcycle driver who has been injured in an accident. We will connect you with our attorney so that you can find out what all of your legal options are.

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