I love to travel with my family, but it can get expensive.  I’ve found that saving a few hundred dollars here and there really ads up when you multiply the few hundred dollars by five (the number of people in my family.)  By saving several hundred to a few thousand dollars per trip, we are able to travel more frequently.  This page is intended to share a few of the tools that I use to find travel deals.  I hope to add more videos and content over time.  Thanks for checking it out!

How to Use Google Flights To Find the Best Travel Dates and/or Locations

How To Find Airfare Deals on Facebook


Each of the airplane icon below is linked to a facebook page that regularly posts deals on airfare.  Some of the deals are just ok and some of them are outstanding.  The video labeled “How To Find Airfare Deals on Facebook” takes you, step by step, through how I find and book flights at discounted rates.  Just to give you an idea, I was able to book round trip airfare from Dallas, Texas to Rome, Italy for $225 per ticket via the Cheap DFW Facebook page.  I hope that these links and videos result in you have many travel adventures and experiencing the goodness that the world has to offer.