Texting And Driving Causes Minor Injuries to Irving Police Officer

Texting and Driving causes Car accidents

Yesterday, a motorcycle police officer was allegedly struck by a driver who was texting and driving.  Luckily, the police officer was not seriously injured.

Texting and Driving causes Car accidentsThe police officer had pulled over another driving and was in the process of issuing a citation, on westbound 183 at Belt Line Road in Irving, Texas when Jordan Daniel Dunn allegedly struck the officer’s motorcycle.  The motorist who had previously been pulled over for the citation chased Mr. Dunn until other officers were able to arrest him.

I wonder if the driver who was originally pulled over by the police officer was issued a traffic ticket.  Do you think the police officer should have rewarded the driver for chasing down the other driver who hit him by issuing a warning instead of a citation? I know that I definitely would have given the original driver a warning, instead of a ticket, for helping chase down the hit-and-run driver.  

Hit-and-run charges can be felonies, which can have a very negative impact on employment opportunities and other rights such as voting, employment opportunities and gun ownership. Regardless of how bad or uncomfortable you may feel, do not leave the scene of a motorcycle accident unless you are in danger.  If you’re in danger, get to the closest spot that is safe and then call 9-1-1.  Also, please don’t risk the lives of others by texting and driving.  If you have to discuss something that is important then pull over and have your conversation or use a bluetooth device.  

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