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Have you been in a car accident in Arlington? 

If you regularly drive a car in the Arlington area, there’s a pretty good chance that you, or someone you love, will be involved in a car accident sooner or later.  As an Arlington car accident lawyer with over 9 years of experience, we’ve had many different types of car accident cases cross our path.  Unfortunately, Arlington has some streets and intersections that can be dangerous or even deadly.

I’ve you, or a loved one, have been involved in a car accident, there’s a pretty good chance that you have injuries, have questions about what steps you need to take, and you might not know where to start.   This is exactly why we offer FREE consultations 24 hours a day, every day.  You can call us anytime at (817) 244-6453.  We will explain your legal rights, help you find medical provider who will treat your car accident injuries, and explain how you can be compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other types of compensation that is allowed in accordance with the laws of Texas.

All consultations are free.  In fact, you won’t need to make any upfront payments.  In fact, we won’t get paid unless and until you get paid.

All car accidents are unique, and they can become quite complicated.   One thing you can count on is that the car insurance companies are not on your team.  After your car accident, you many legal rights, but the insurance companies will not tell you about your legal rights.  Their goal is to make your case go away for the least amount of money possible.  This is where the legal team at Allbee Law Firm can make a difference for you.  We will seek to maximize the recover you are owed and keep you informed throughout the process.   We can also help you get medical treatment for your injuries with doctors who will wait to paid until your case is resolved, which is very helpful for people who don’t have health insurance, can’t afford to pay co-pays, or have the ability to pay for medical treatment out of pocket.

Why Hire an Arlington Car Accident Lawyer?

Many people attempt to handle their accident claim on their own because they think that lawyers are expensive, or they can’t afford to pay a good lawyer.  Sadly, these personal injury victims don’t realize that car accident claims can be quite complicated, and they will significantly decrease the value of their case by mishandling their claim.   This is even truer with cases that involve serious injuries and cases where liability is disputed.

In Texas, you can legally handle your own claim, but you probably don’t want to have to deal with stress of dealing with the insurance company while you’re recovering from your car accident injuries.  Unless you have experience handling car accident claims, you won’t know when the insurance company is being honest or taking advantage of your lack of experience.  This becomes painfully obvious when the insurance company’s settlement offer isn’t even enough to cover the amount you owe for your medical bills.  Luckily, we have the experience that is needed to help you get the compensation that you really deserve.

Our car accident lawyers and staff are here to help you through each step of the process.  We can help you with the following items:

Help you find medical providers who can treat your specific injuries

Help you find medical providers who will wait for payment until your case is resolved

Determine which party is at fault and who should be held accountable

Calculate the value of your car accident claim

Gather evidence that will help prove your claim

Make sure that evidence will be admissible in court

Present the evidence of your car accident to insurance adjusters and, if necessary, to a judge and jury in court

Aggressively fight for the settlement amount that you deserve

Set up insurance claims with the appropriate insurance company

Provide guidance and communication through each phase of your case

When you hire Allbee Law Firm, an attorney will be assigned to oversee your case.  We have staff who support the attorneys, but you will not be pawned off on support staff who are unable to practice law.  Many people don’t have the time and energy to go to therapy, go to work, and handle the legal aspects of their car accident claim.  Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer allows you to completely focus on healing.  Our staff has the time and energy to push your case forward when you might not feel up for it.  Our ability to push the legal issues of your case forward combined with your focus on following the doctor’s orders and healing create the perfect combination that is necessary for you to receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

All Consultations Are Free

We provide free telephone or in person consultations, so you have nothing to lose but calling our firm and discussing your potential case.

Discuss Your Accident With An Arlington Car Accident Attorney Today

Traffic accidents can present unique and complicated issues.  This is especially true if your car accident involves multiple vehicles, a business, or someone charged with a crime due to the accident.

Mike “Big Mike” Allbee and the staff of Allbee Law Firm are committed to doing what’s best for you and all of other clients by adding value wherever we can.  We have over 53 years of combined experience to put to work on your behalf.  You don’t pay us anything until we when your case.  Even when we get paid, the funds come from the settlement, so you will not have to personally issue us any payments at any time.

They Will Attempt to Deny Your Claim

Dealing with car insurance companies can be an absolute hassle.  The insurance company’s #1 goal is to pay as little as possible for your claim.  Denying your claim and paying $0 is their dream situation.  Insurance companies and adjusters will go out of their way to find a way to deny your claim.  Sometimes they will trick into thinking you have no other options and you just need to sign the paperwork they’ve sent you.  Don’t do it!  Speak with someone on our team so that you can be fully aware of your legal rights and determine if you’re getting all of the compensation you are owed.

Calling our firm is the smart move even if you think your case is ready to settle.  Remember, it doesn’t cost you anything to have a FREE consultation.  You can submit your information HERE.  You can also give us a call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, if you’d prefer to just tell us what happened. Our phone number is (817) 244-6453.  Phone, email, and in-person consultations are FREE.  You literally don’t have to pay anything unless we win your case.

Don’t Take Chances!  We’re here to help you. 

Steps to take after an Arlington Auto Collision

Even a minor accident can be alarming.  Some car crashes will include several damaged vehicles and multiple people injured.  Before emergency responders arrive, most people at the accident scene won’t be sure about what they should do.  It’s best to be safe and stay calm, there are a few things you can do that will have a positive impact on any future claims.

Some car accidents involve very serious injuries that will prevent you from doing anything after an accident.  Your physical health and well-being are your top priority, so don’t do anything that could make any of your injuries worse than they already are.  If you can safely move around without pain or discomfort, consider following these steps:

If your car accident is minor, and the care can be safely driven, consider driving your car to safe location on the side of the road, into a nearby parking lot, into a driveway, or another place that would get the vehicles out of the path of traffic.

If you or someone else is injured, or if the cars are not drivable, get out of your car and walk to a sidewalk or other safe location.

Call 9-1-1 After Your Car Accident

It’s a good idea to call the police even if your car accident is catastrophic or extremely sever.  Police officers can help direct traffic around the vehicles and any debris left in the road, make sure the other driver is providing all of the relevant information you need, and help you feel a bit calmer.

Having a car accident report that’s been prepared by a responding police officer can also be very helpful if the other driver tries to change their story later.  Police officers typically talk with all parties and witnesses, which will also be documented with bodycams.  The conversations between the other driver and the police officer can make or break your case if the other driver admits that they “Just looked down for a second” and then later try to claim that you slammed on your brakes and caused the car accident.

Make sure that you actually speak with the police officer.  You want to make sure that your version of what happened is included in the accident report. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the officer is made aware of any independent witnesses.

Police officers can also assist with having EMS and other emergency responders come to the scene and provide emergency medical treatment.  Police officers will also be helpful with having your car towed away from the scene of the car accident it the car is not drivable.

Exchange Information With the Other Parties

Make sure that you get information from the other driver.  This information should include their license plate number, their name and insurance information.  This day in age, most of us have phones with pretty decent cameras.  Instead of writing the information on a scrap piece of paper, it’s probably better to pull out your phone and take pictures of all of the relevant information.

Take Photos of The Car Accident Scene

At a minimum, we will need to have enough evidence to prove, to the car accident adjuster, that the other driver is at fault and should be held accountable.  It’s also possible that you will need to prove the same information to a jury.  For this reason, I highly recommend that you consider taking pictures of the scene, the other driver, license plates, damage to BOTH vehicles involved.

It’s not unusual for one car to have much more visible damage than another car.  Don’t just focus on your car.  Take pictures of all vehicles involved.  This will help tell both parts of the story.  Although, the first thing you should do before you take any pictures is to make sure that you’re in a safe spot to take the pictures.

Go to The Emergency Room If You Think You’re Injured

Sometimes emergency responders will encourage you to go to the emergency room straight from the car accident scene.  Other times they’ll tell you to go to the emergency room later if you feel worse.  It’s important to keep in mind that car accidents can be traumatic experiences that release significant amounts of adrenaline into your system.  It’s possible for adrenaline to mask symptoms of injuries.

Going to the emergency room will rule out any injuries you may or may not have.  Emergency Rooms are also equipped to take diagnostic tests like CT Scans, X-Rays, and MRIs, which can help diagnose injuries that you might not even be aware of.

Many people involved in car accidents wrongly assume that stiffness or general aches are just normal.  In reality, the stiffness and aches are often signs of soft tissue injuries, which are sprains and strains of your muscles and ligaments.

Receiving medical treatment right after your accident will help link the injuries you sustained with the car accident.  For example, a jury would likely believe that a person who goes to the hospital and complains of neck injuries 1 hour after a car accident was probably injured from the car accident, whereas, a person who waits 6 months to see a doctor for neck pain will not be viewed in a similar manner.  Plus, receiving proper medical treatment sooner will help you reach a full recovery sooner.

Is A Company Involved?

When investigating a car accident, it’s important to have a firm grasp of all of the parties involved.  If the other driver was driving for a company, it’s possible that the company can also be held accountable for your car accident injuries.  This can be particularly important if you have sever injuries.  For example, Texas law only requires individual drivers to have $30,000 in auto insurance coverage.  This can become a big problem if your medical bills total $60,000 and there’s only $30,000 in insurance coverage to pay for your medical bills.  However, it’s not unusual for companies to have much larger amounts of insurance coverage that exceeds $1,000,000.

What Can I Be Paid For?

Under Texas law, you can be paid for the following items:

Medical bills for past medical treatment

Medical bills for future medical treatment

Lost wages

Loss of earning capacity

Past pain and suffering

Future pain and suffering

Past mental anguish

Future mental anguish

Past impairment of your body

Future impairment of your body

Loss of consortium

What Kind of Settlement Should I Expect For My Car Accident?

Every car accident case is unique, but there are certain factors that consistently have an impact on the value of your car accident case.  These include the following:

How severe your injuries are

How long it takes you to make a full recovery

The amount of medical bills you incur for your car accident injuries

If you will need ongoing medical treatment or medical treatment in the future

Whether you have scars or lasting injuries

The amount of pain and suffering you have experienced

If you will continue to have pain and suffering in the future

The amount of insurance coverage that is available

The amount of damage that is done to the cars involved

If the other driver was clearly at fault versus you being found at least partially at fault

If you missed work due to your injuries

If you’re able to return to your job once you’ve recovered from your injuries

If you will have a permanent disability

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic car accident settlement calculator.  However, an experienced Arlington car accident lawyer will be familiar with these factors and how they can increase or decrease the value of your claim.

Keep in mind that the top priority is for you to make a full recovery.  However, it’s essential to BUILD a winning case, so don’t put off contacting an attorney.  Taking certain steps early in the process can have a significant impact on building a winning case that gets you the maximum amount of compensation you are owed under the law.

We provide free consultations 24/7 for car accident injury victims.  You can call us at (817) 244-6453.  We can discuss the factors that make your case unique and see if you will benefit by having an experienced car accident lawyer on your team.


Arlington Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, you’ve probably realized that many doctors won’t treat car accident victims.  Insurance laws can make it difficult for doctors to be paid for their services.  However, some medical providers will delay payment if you are represented by a car accident attorney who can provide a Letter of Protection.

A Letter of Protection is basically a contract where your car accident lawyer promises to pay the medical provider from your settlement proceeds.

Through the years, Allbee Law Firm has accumulated a list of doctors and medical providers who accept Letters of Protection.  You are free to use any medical provider you choose, but we can also help you find a medical provider if you can’t afford to pay for medical treatment out of pocket.


We will get to work as soon as you retain us.  We will contact the other driver’s car insurance carrier and set up the claim for you.  By setting up the claim on your behalf, you will not have to give a recorded statement.  This will completely eliminate the possibility of you saying something that could harm your case.  We will give the other driver’s insurance adjuster permission to inspect your damaged vehicle, but they will not be able to discuss your injuries or record any conversations.

Once your claim is set up, we will make sure you are receiving the medical treatment you need to help you feel better.  Medical treatment is very important to every car accident personal injury case.  First of all, the treatment should help you feel better.  Medical treatment is also important because the doctors will create detailed records.  The medical records will document the severity of your injuries and provide a record of your progress.  These medical records will be very helpful in negotiating a settlement with the auto insurance adjuster or proving your case in court.


During the negotiation process, most insurance companies will give an initial offer that is unreasonable.  Sadly, some attorneys will simply accept the initial offer and move on.  Allbee Law Firm is committed to maximizing your recovery.  We will present counter offers and use our extensive negotiating skills to maximize your recovery.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit for car accident cases.  Many lawyers and firms choose to withdraw or refer your car accident case to another law firm to handle.  Some firms refer or drop cases because they lack experience, resources, or they’re just plain afraid.  Mike Allbee is an experienced personal injury lawyer who is not afraid to take a case to court.  We will personally file a law suit for your car accident case if that is what’s necessary to help you receive fair compensation for your car accident case.


Allbee Law Firm is led by Mike “Big Mike” Allbee.  Mike is one of the nation’s’ Top 10 Attorneys Under 40.  In 2017, Allbee Law Firm was recognized as one of the Top 10 personal injury law firms in Texas.  We have represented clients in car accident, truck accident, and many other types of personal injury cases.  Call 817-BIG-MIKE (817-244-6453) for a free, no obligation, consultation.  We are a well known Arlington personal injury law firm, but we also have offices in Fort Worth and Dallas to better serve our clients.

Under Texas law, you are required to report any car accident that causes at least $1,000 in property damage and/or causes any injuries or death.

Accident reports can be very helpful in determining who caused the car accident.  Accident reports include information such as the driver’s name, date of birth, license plate number, and other information that will help you locate and properly identify the defendant.  Car accident reports also include the responding police officer’s thoughts regarding how the car accident occurred, who was at fault, etc.

The Texas Department of Transportation has a website that will allow you to purchase a copy of your accident report here.  The website allows you to purchase a certified or non-certified copy of your car accident report.  Certified copies of your accident report will cost $8.00  Certified accident reports may be admissible in court, so you might consider buying a certified version of your car accident report if you believe your case will go to trial.  Otherwise, a non-certified copy of your car accident report will probably be sufficient.  Non-certified copies cost $6.

Many cities, including Arlington, Grand Prairie, and Mansfield, have their own police department website that will allow you to purchase a copy of your accident report directly from the police department.

There’s not a particular advantage to purchasing your accident report directly from the police department other than there’s a pretty good chance that your car accident report will show up on the local police department website sooner than it will show up on the Texas Department of Transportation website.

Keep in mind that there are some cities, such as Dallas, who don’t have a website that allows you to purchase a copy of your accident report.  For these cities, you will need to physically go to the police department to purchase the report or wait for the report to be uploaded to the Texas Department of Transportation Website.

No, you will not need to pay your car accident lawyer if you don’t win your case.  Allbee Law Firm works on a contingency fee.  This means we only get paid if when you get paid. Period.

We do a good job of screening and investigating car accident cases.  We only take cases where we believe there is enough evidence to prove that you were legitimately injured and that the other driver caused the car accident through their negligence.  By taking your case, we’re indicating that we believe you have a winning case and we’re excited to be able to help you.  However, if there is a detail that makes your case impossible to win then we will inform you of the issue, answer any questions you may have, and part ways in a friendly manner without you owing Allbee Law Firm any attorneys fees or expenses.  Again, we only get paid if you get paid.

The easiest option is to call Allbee Law Firm at 817-244-6453.  We can discuss the details of your case over the phone or we can make arrangements to discuss your case face-to-face.  We provide free consultations, so discussing the case in person or on the phone is free.

Once we confirm that there is a case we can help you with, we will need to sign a contract.  The contract is intended to provide clarity for you and us.  For example, it will state that we’re representing you for a car accident and not a traffic ticket, divorce, or another legal issue.

The contract will also include information on the contingency fees that we charge.  Some firms are secretive when it comes to the percentages they charge.  We’re confident in the value we can bring to your case, so we prefer to put our rates out in the open.  If we’re able to resolve your case without filing a lawsuit, our law firm charges a contingency fee of 33.33% of the total settlement amount.  If we have to file a lawsuit, the rate goes up to 40% of the settlement because there’s more work and risk involved.  Our contingency fee goes up to 45% for cases that go to trial for the same reason (more work and risk involved.)

Because we guarantee that we will not take more money than the client, there are some situations where we will have to reduce our attorney’s fees lower than the percentages listed above.  We refuse to receive a payment that is larger than the clients because we are genuinely focused on doing what’s best for each and every client.

In most situations, you will not need to hire a car accident lawyer for a car accident that did not cause injuries.  Generally speaking, car insurance carriers tend to pay a fair amount for damage that is done to vehicles.  Because the insurance companies tend to pay a fair amount for property damage to your car, there’s really no need to hire a car accident lawyer.  We simply can’t add value to your case if it only involves property damage.

No, you should not give a recorded statement about your car accident in most situations.  However, there is an exception.

Our goal is to help you receive the maximum amount of compensation you are owed.  We have a tremendous amount of education, training, and experience that allows us to know what helps or hurts your case.  Chances are that you don’t have the same training and experience.  For this reason, we prefer setting up any insurance claims for you.  By setting up the claim on your behalf, we completely eliminate the possibility of you unintentionally saying something that will harm your case.

What about the exception?  Well, when you purchase car insurance you’re basically entering into a contract with your auto insurance carrier.  As part of the contract, you agree to cooperate with your own car insurance carrier.  For this reason, you will be obligated to provide a recorded statement if your auto insurance carrier asks for a statement that arises out of an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim or personal injury protection benefits. In these situations, we strongly prefer to have a strategy session to prepare you for your recorded statement.  We also prefer being on the phone with you while the statement is given to your car insurance carrier.

Every car accident case is different, so there isn’t a specific time frame, but here are a few bits of information that should help narrow things down a bit:

1 – You must finish be done receiving therapy and medical treatment before negotiations begin.  It would be a huge disservice to you if we settled your case for $20,000 and then found out that you need a $30,000 surgery.  With few exceptions, we will wait until you are released from medical treatment before we begin negotiations.

2 – We must have a copy of all of your relevant medical bills and records.  Once you are released from medical treatment, your doctor will finalize their notes and reports.  Doctors usually send the final bills and records within a few weeks of your release date.  This means that the accident adjuster assigned to your case won’t even be able to review your bills and records for a  few weeks after your car accident.

3 – The adjuster must be given time to review your medical bills and records.  We use case law that requires an insurance adjuster to respond to our settlement demand within two weeks of receiving our settlement demand.  In most situations, we will receive a settlement offer right around the two-week mark, but most cases involve going back and forth with the adjuster until we receive their top offer.  The back and forth conversations can take several days to a few weeks depending on how responsive the insurance adjuster is.

4 – We have to negotiate your medical bills before we can disburse your settlement.  Once we settle your case, we will negotiate your medical bills so that we can get you more money. Most medical bills can be negotiated within a few days to a few weeks.  Cases involving health insurance and hospital bills can often take longer.

If everything goes smooth, most cases can be resolved approximately two months after you finish your medical treatment, but, as I said before, every case is unique.

Most people receive their settlement check within 2-4 weeks of settling their car accident case.

Once your car accident case is settled, we start negotiating your medical bills.  Negotiating with medical providers allows you to receive more compensation.  On average, we can negotiate most medical bills within 2-5 days.  Hospital bills tend to take longer to negotiate because many hospitals require their legal department to review medical bill reductions which slows down the process.  Medicare is known for slowing down the process the most.  We’ve had some cases where Medicare has responded within a few weeks and we’ve seen other cases where it has taken Medicare several months to acknowledge our reduction request.