Ethan Couch Transferred To Adult Jail Facility. What Should Happen Next?

Ethan Couch Transferred To Adult Jail Facility

Ethan Couch was driving illegally (with a restricted drivers license) on June 15, 2013To make matters worse, Ethan had a blood alcohol reading that was more than three times the legal limit for a person over the age of 21.  Because Ethan was 18 years old, any amount of alcohol in his system would be considered breaking the law.

Ethan’s negligence took the lives of four innocent people, seriously injured two people, and injured a total of nine people.

Ethan Couch WreckAt trial, Ethan’s defense team argued that he suffered from “Affluenza” and suggested that he needed rehabilitation instead of prison time.  Apparently, their argument worked because Ethan Couch was only sentenced to 10 years of probation.

Less than two years into his probation, video footage surfaced that appeared to show Ethan participating in a party where alcohol was being consumed.  Shortly thereafter, Ethan fled to Mexico.

Ethan was apprehended in Puerto Vallarta and resisted being extradited to Fort Worth, Texas.  Ethan eventually dropped the fight and was returned to Tarrant County.

Today, a judge moved Ethan Couch to an adult jail instead of a juvenile facility.

Allbee Law Firm represented a plaintiff who sued Ethan Couch, his family, and his family’s business for a wrongful deathWe find satisfaction in holding people accountable for their actions.  However, the Ethan Couch situation has been entirely heartbreaking because it seems as if Ethan Couch has repeatedly been given a “free pass.”  Serving time in jail will not fix injuries or bring back loved ones.  However, jail time can act as a tool to help change Ethan Couch’s behavior.  Allbee Law Firm is glad to see that Ethan Couch’s criminal case is finally moving in a good direction.

We hope that other families are able to avoid the anguish that the victims of Ethan Couch have endured.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, where someone has completely disregarded the safety and wellbeing of others, don’t hesitate to call Allbee Law Firm.  We have a reputation for being a great Arlington Personal Injury Attorney, but we also have offices in Dallas and Fort Worth.  We are here to serve all people in the DFW area.


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