Confidential Slip And Fall Accident Settlement

Another Outstanding Dallas Slip And Fall Accident Settlement

Christine was injured when she slipped on water at a store.  Originally, Christine hired another law firm.  Unfortunately, slip-and-fall accident cases rarely settle without filing a lawsuit.   The original law firm was not interested in taking Christine’s case to trial.  Next, Christine hired a second personal injury law firm.  The second law firm has excellent marketing, but she failed to tell Christine that she doesn’t litigate or take cases to trial.  The lawyer hasn’t been to court in many years.  Finally, Christine got in contact with Allbee Law Firm to handle her slip and fall accident case.

Allbee Law Firm took Christine’s case through almost every phase of litigation.   The only phase we did not reach was the trial itself.  Because the other attorneys knew we were willing to “walk the walk” by going to trial, they took settlement negotiations very seriously.

Christine received an outstanding settlement for her injuries.  As part of her settlement agreement, Christine agreed not to disclose the details of her case.  Regardless, the video shows that Christine was highly satisfied with her slip and fall accident settlement.

The defendant had three attorneys assigned to the case, but we weren’t intimidated, and our strategy paid off.  Literally!

Contact Allbee Law Firm if you need a slip-and-fall accident lawyer. We can answer your questions, help you determine if you have a viable case, and develop a strategy that is unique to your case.

We give free consultations 24/7 and handle a variety of personal injury cases.   We have offices in Arlington, Fort Worth, and Dallas for your convenience.


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